Silence & the Road



It’s about those moments when there is nothing but darkness. It’s when there is a silence that have entered the soul and everything else fades away, like it was never there, and there is only that silence and the road outward, to hold onto , and nothing else. It’s when you lose unexpectedly and see your empty hands. It is a walk every person have to make alone with decision at the end of the road.

Light’s not so dark so follow through
When heart seems to be in eternal blue

The fire that was inside in this silent night
Was all faded away with a broken disguise

The crystal castle broke again
Pieces scattered all over the place

Shoulders too heavy to take the blame
Wind rustles, took the pain away

Under this moonlight then with a sigh
I put my faith on the light

I would not give up , I said that night
I will mark my way leaving no chance behind

Now it’s difficult but will be all right
For the path will lead me to the quest I had to find.

The Only Girl On Which The Spell Worked


It was unusual. She wasn’t mean or jealous or, ever said anything bad about others. But the wrong thing happened when she looked in that large round-shaped beautiful mirror that hung in the room for so many years. No matter how hard she tried, she couldn’t look away.

It spoke to her & she started falling into its trap. It was a spell, a beautiful spell. In fascination, it held her standing, for ages and ages. Until one day, something happened that made her look away.

It was a ‘real’ world she was seeing now and after so many years she entered it, for the first time. She had expected the world to praise her, admire her, like she had done for so many years but the world around her had changed. Things looked different, everything seemed two-or-three-dimensional even some with sharp edges.

Confused. She ran away, disguising herself. No one noticed her & when someone did, it wasn’t quite in a manner she desired. It was a dark world. Tired she found herself sitting on a bench crying & thinking to herself, asking herself questions she had never imagined herself asking. Was she pretty ? Was everyone around telling the truth ? Was everything a delusion and lie ?

It was then when it started raining.

Startled she faced the sky, feeling the touch of small drops coming from the wishes of people. The whole time she was here she had heard people talk about it. Raindrops were falling on each petal of flowers that were grown there. Birds were watching the show hidden underneath the large branches of trees in their nests. A sweet smell started coming from the wet sand. Andalesia sat down wondering how can wet sand smell so sweet ? Rock and stones were placed near the green grass. She picked them up, they felt unexpectedly cold. It’s uneven shape, color, felt beautiful to her and she wondered why.

Rain has now started falling with a rapid speed. There were excitement-filled bright eyes of children who were playing in mud and all enjoying in their own special and simple way. Parents were holding hands of their children enjoying eating ice cream together. It was then when something happened. It is said that there is a moment which, when comes in a person’s life, touches them in such a way that they are not the same anymore. For her, the moment was that when she became what no one thought she would become, when she understood what no one thought she would understand. She was the girl on which the spell worked & she was the only girl who was able be break it. She remained a mystery to everyone. Afterwards many people told her that she was beautiful but mirrors have lost their attraction to her. It longer matters to her. She was found looking out from the roof of her house to the falling rain, smiling & her face beautiful, even when only a part of it could be seen from there.

Clouds & Wisdom


They are just thoughts, incomplete thoughts, about life and this strange transitory world, of transitory things including ourselves and our short stay. And in a sense they represents my life.

In childhood, I was searching for flowers
in the sweet-scented world.
When I grew, some clouds cleared
And I saw the morning star.

When old, I thought about the sand
I was made of ; and would end up with.
I had few good deeds, all else just faded away from me
Or maybe became part of me ?



Once she wanted to fly, once she wished to break free
Once she had dreams, that broke so easily

Sometimes why all colours fades away ? she asks
Reflecting the sorrow, the pain, she managed hiding perfectly

Some flowers are dead, she says
They may never grow, no matter how hard she tries

Some doors are locked, closed forever, she says
In sweet silence, she quietly checks the locks inside her heart

She never lets anyone see her past that
But the fire sometimes turns into ice

Open some curtains sometimes, let some wind come
Even in the blackest nights, the largest star always shines

There are moments, that make us fall
It’s from inside, we must rise, you will survive !

Secretly she always keeps her faith
One day she will open her eyes, seeing the world, herself, differently

There are moments, there are hard lessons, everyone sees
Not once but many times indeed, still you hold on !

No matter how hard, empty, or tired it feels
It’s a battle, a journey, that can’t be escaped

She opens her wounded wings & fly high in the sky
She cried & cried…but in the end see herself shine !

One Sided Picture


Deep shadows of the dark
The only way to the past
Unknown mysteries here I see
Printed marks beside the street

Wickedness is masked & disguised
Faith laughing at my sight
Finding light too far to reach
Want to fight hard & feel the breeze

Asking myself what’s the meaning of my life
Standing on the doors of my conscience
Seeing the truth inside my soul
Fine winds taking me across the shore

To a place where hope never dies
You will see the truth in my eyes
Faded pictures will come to life
All the blessings in disguise.